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    About Us

    West Coast Sand & Gravel was established in March 1968 by its three founders who envisioned building a company characterized by honesty, trust, safety, stewardship and outstanding customer service. Initially located in Anaheim, California, the company later settled in Buena Park, California, where it grew from one location to 10 locations throughout California and in the Phoenix area, and from two trucks to more than 300.


    “Our growing business is just another way we are committed to providing outstanding service,” says Dan Reyneveld, CEO, West Coast Sand & Gravel. “Not only has West Coast Sand & Gravel grown to provide more products and services, we’ve also expanded our services. Whether you need bulk bags of sand and gravel, concrete, or masonry materials, we have everything to build and complete your project.


    “We take pride in delivering the same level of personalized customer service that we did at the beginning. Our work priorities change as needed to meet customer and market demands, but our core values never change. We are committed to safety, service, and stewardship. These values permeate everything we do.”


    Our Services

    Since 1968, West Coast Sand & Gravel has been providing California, and now Phoenix, with quality products and services, expanding its product offerings from construction aggregate to specialized services, such as dirt import and export, environmental waste hauling, and sports field products. West Coast Sand & Gravel provides:


    Construction Aggregate

    Aggregate Base Products

    Crushed Rock & Natural Gravel

    Plaster & Masonry Aggregates

    Erosion Control

    Custom Blended & Specialty Materials



    Landscape Materials

    Paver Aggregates

    Cobbles & Pebbles

    Decomposed Granite

    Crushed Decorative Rock

    Planting Mediums

    Custom Bioswell Materials

    Ground Cover


    Dirt Import/Export

    Dirt import and export is one of the newer services available from the company. “With more than 250 transfers, we have unmatched capabilities to haul anything from clean dirt to spec fill—from anywhere to anywhere,” says Reyneveld. “Our transfers are the lightest in the industry which results in 54,000-pound or 20-yard payload capabilities.”


    Environmental Waste Hauling

    West Coast specializes in hauling NonHaz, CalHaz/NonRCRA and RCRA with more than 300 company-owned trucks located throughout California and Arizona, plus a network of outside haulers.


    “We have relationships with landfills and treatment facilities throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada,” says Reyneveld, “and our drivers are experienced in handling complex jobsites, including residential, military, and refineries.”


    Golf Course/Baseball Field Materials

    West Coast Sand & Gravel Inc. has been producing high-quality golf course and baseball field materials since 2001. We directly manage all product manufacturing and handle testing for optimum quality control.