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    Public and Private Construction Projects, Bid Protests, Contracts, Claims and Disputes.

    For over 30 years, Wolff Law attorneys have represented Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers and private and government Project Owners and Architects, Engineers and other Design Professionals on Private and on Local, State and Federal Public Works Construction Projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California in Administrative Agency Hearings, and Mediation, Arbitration, Trials and Appeals in all California State and Federal Courts and before the GAO and Federal Contract Boards of Appeals and all types of Construction matters.

    We handle Pre- and Post-Award Bid Protests and Bid Mistakes, Bid Responsiveness and Responsibility; Requests for Proposals; Contract Negotiation; Joint Ventures; Extra Work, Delay, Equitable Adjustment, Prompt Payment and Collection Claims; Backcharges, Stop Notice and Surety Bond Claims; Surety Issues; Subcontracts, Subcontractor Listing Laws and Subcontractor Substitution; DBE, SBE and LBE Bid Requirements, Preferences, Set-Asides and and Goals: Prevailing Wages: and False Claims Act or Whistleblower issues and litigation.

    Our lawyers also represent Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers and Project Owners in disputes involving private Commercial and Residential Construction Contract and Subcontract drafting, negotiation, formation and Breach of Contract disputes, on Termination Claims, Mechanics LKien, Stop Notice, Prompt Payment and Delay, Disruption, Unforeseen Condition and Extra Work and Change Order disputes, CPM and scheduling issues, OSHA disputes, Construction Defect allegations, SB 800, Professional Licenses and Disciplinary Proceedings, and on all other manner of related private construction claims and disputes.

    Principal Attorney George Wolff has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Civil Engineering and Construction Management, worked for contractors and in the construction industry before attending law school, and along with other firm members brings a thorough understanding of the technical and legal issues related to construction law and disputes to our clients.

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