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We provide the highest quality, highest performance most cost effective Pile Driving Equipment to our customers who build the foundations of our future. To assure our customers get full benefit from their investment, we supply outstanding applications, parts and service support through a hardworking team of dedicated and experienced professionals.


MKT Excavator Mounted Lead System Overview

• 20’ BASE section for lowheadroom applications

• Up to 45’ overall length of 8” x 26” box leads

• 17,000 lb line pull TOOL winch, 34,000 pound line pull w/ cable 2-parted

• 12,000 lb line pull SERVICE winch for various hoisting requirements (piling, auger flighting, etc.)

• 8’ vertical travel assembly

• 10° side-to-side adjustment for lead/pile plumbing

• Fore/aft capability (engineering review required based on tool & pile weight)

• Head sheave assembly & boom adapter

• Powered by excavator’s hydraulics

• Modular system designed to fit specific customer needs

• In cab, operator friendly joystick controls for system functions

• Easily attached

MKT ELS 26-45 VT System Excavator Requirements

• Excavator weight (includes stick & bucket cylinder...weight does not include bucket) = 110,000 lbs

• Auxiliary Circuit hydraulic flow required = 100 to 150 gpm

• Maximum hydraulic pressure required = Up to 5075 psi (depending on tool being used in ELS system)

• 24 volt negative ground electrical system

MKT ELS Components Weights

• 20’ base section (12,000 lbs) - includes boom adapter, vertical travel system, hydraulic control valve, tool and service winches.

• Complete ELS 26-45 VT system with 45’ overall length of 8” x 26” box leads and head sheave assembly (17,000 lbs)

Tools Available for use in MKT ELS System

• MKT HA-18 hydraulic auger system without flighting (2,250 lbs)

• MKT HVA-40 variable torque hydraulic auger system without flighting (3,500 lbs)

• MKT V-5E hydraulic vibratory hammer (does not include side-clamp assembly) (6,200 lbs)

• MKT V-22 hydraulic vibratory hammer (8,750 lbs)

• SPI D-19 single-acting diesel hammer with cap and striker plate (11,365 lbs)

• SPI D-30 single-acting diesel hammer with cap and striker plate (18,005 lbs) **When using the MKT HVA-40, MKT V-22 and the SPI D-30 pile hammer tools, the main winch line must be 2-parted









Product Information

MKT's comprehensive line of pile hammers, vibratory driver-extractors, fixed lead and auger systems continues a tradition of meeting the demand of the construction industry. MKT has proven technology for handling every geological challenge facing foundation engineers and contractors.
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