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    About Us

    DK Cole Company identifies and recruit’s talent for executive and management as well as operations and office positions in construction. Integrity, professionalism and teamwork are the cornerstones of how we do business with clients, candidates and among our team. Doing the right thing every day is a priority in everything we do.


    1)  You’ll work with construction specialists who understand what it takes to succeed in construction accounting and operations positions.

    2)  Over 96% of DK Cole offers are accepted with our process

    3)  Over 70% of our searches from last year are repeat clients

    4)  You receive only those candidates who meet 85% or higher of the criteria specified.

    5)  Database of nearly 60,000 construction industry professionals

    6)  We specialize in handling “confidential” searches where a high degree of discretion is required.  

    7)    You’ll be working with a quality-conscious firm that employs methodology that goes beyond “resume sending” to get the  right fit.

    8)    The typical recruiting cycle for clients following our process is less than 35 days for many positions.

    9)    You have multiple fee structures from which to select, depending on your situation.

    10)  Every member of the team operates with a high level of ethics and sensitivity to confidential matters.

    11)  We provide updates on our progress to keep you informed, and for clients who need it, we provide a high level of support services for candidate due diligence, offer letters and more.

    PROVEN PROCESS: Every step is critical to get the right talent for your position:

    1)    We start with an in-depth question/answer process with the hiring manager to uncover the appropriate metrics for the hire.

    2)    We have researchers who specialize in internet search techniques, who identify and build candidate prospect lists based on the criteria.

    3)    We then begin contacting both active candidates and prospective candidates, using a proven recruiting strategies to attract the “Right” candidates for your role.

    4)    We utilize customized behavioral interviewing process, directly related to the success metrics developed with the hiring manager, to make sure the candidate can succeed in the role

    5)    We utilize an offer process, backed by research, that removes stress for you and the candidate, and ensures a solid acceptance.


    DK Cole Company places construction talent, nationwide, in all types of senior executive, management positions, operational and office roles. In no other industry is the quality of an individual more vital than in construction. Whether it’s a controller monitoring job cost, contracts and reviewing work in progress, or project managers who navigate many hurdles and priorities to bring jobs in under budget, your profits can be impacted significantly.


    We understand construction, the skills required for success and the cultural issues that impact successful hires for these FREQUENTLY FILLED POSITIONS:


    • CEO

    • CFO

    • COO

    • President

    • Senior VP Operations

    • Business Development Executive

    • Fleet & & Equipment Executive

    • Risk & Safety Executive

    Operations Management

    • VP or Directors Operation

    • Safety Managers & Directors

    • Project Manager

    • Project Executive

    • Division Manager

    • Estimator

    • Fleet Manager

    • Equipment Manager

    • Risk Manager

    • IT Manager


    Accounting & Finance

    • Staff Accountant

    • Project and Cost Accountant

    • Accounting Manager

    • Controller

    • Project Assistant     

    • Contract Administrator

    • Union payroll specialist

    • Payroll manage

    • Payroll specialist

    • Benefits administrator


    Human Resources

    • Director       

    • Manager

    • Supervisor

    • Coordinator

    • Recruiter

    What Clients Say:

    “An understanding of how a company functions and appreciating its culture are vital to any successful executive search.  Achieving this level of understanding is hard work and requires a long-term commitment.  But, it pays off.  DK Cole has made that commitment with our company.  DK Cole understands our culture and continually works to deepen that understanding.  The company knows that for us cultural fit is often more important than a candidate’s capability.   This connection with us means that DK Cole can and does regularly present us with multiple qualified candidates to choose from for every search. This makes the whole process predictable and successful.” 


    Mike Curran


    Curran Group


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