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    In 1945, our founder Mr. Bernard P. McDonough recognized a need for marine transportation to support the construction company that he operated in the southern United States. His barge leasing sideline business grew and evolved into a full-service marine transportation company that is McDonough Marine Service. Mr. McDonough’s entrepreneurial spirit, personal integrity, high ethical standards, and use of sound business principles serve as the foundation of our company. His ability to recruit talented people capable of developing into what are known today as “The Barge People” is a large part of the success and growth McDonough Marine Service has enjoyed. We have long recognized that our commitment to a high standard of customer satisfaction and service is what separates us from other marine transportation companies. We are very fortunate to have knowledgeable, dedicated, and talented employees who are truly interested in providing the best equipment and the best service to our customers.


    The mission of McDonough Marine Service is to continue serving as the global leader in the marine transportation industry by providing exceptional, safe, quality service. Our customer-focused approach will ensure the achievement of our customers’ marine transportation objectives.

    Integration of health, safety, and environmental considerations throughout all the aspects of company operations.

    Provision of highly qualified personnel to manage each customer’s specific marine transportation needs.

    Development of creative transportation solutions that deliver the highest value to our customers.


    McDonough Marine Service is the proven leader in the marine transportation and logistics industry. For over 75 years we have empowered the success of our customers through the delivery of exceptional customer service, superior assets, creative marine transportation solutions, and logistics and project management expertise. As a complete solution provider, we specialize in the charter of barges and tugs, and the coordination and management of cargo moves to support the successful execution of our customers’ projects.

    We are committed to performing each project in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. With 18 barge fleets covering the Gulf of Mexico, the US East Coast, the upper rivers of the US Midwest, and Mexico, we are everywhere our clients need us to be with the assets, skills, and experience to successfully facilitate their ever changing needs. Our participation in the American Waterways Operators Responsible Carrier Program along with our unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the project cargo market enable us to develop some of the safest, economical, and efficient marine transportation solutions in the industry.


    McDonough Marine Service recognizes that excellence in Health, Safety, and Environmental performance is an essential part of our goal to expand our position as one of the leading marine operations companies in the United States. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of those who play a part in our operations, including our employees, our customers, our vendors, and the public. We are committed to conducting our business in a responsible manner to protect the environment in which we operate. To drive sustainable growth of our company, we adhere to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental practices to systematically manage risks.



    Owning the largest fleet of deck barges available for charter on the market today, McDonough Marine Service offers the flexibility our customers need to secure the right barge for their marine transport and construction projects. Our extensive fleet of inland and ocean barges include deck barges, spud and power spud barges, hopper barges and shale barges.

    Our barge rental solutions supply intermittent barge needs while removing the fleeting costs and compliance responsibility associated with barge ownership. Our cost-effective barge solutions allow our customers to focus on their projects and dedicate their capital to projects that benefit their business.


    McDonough Marine's Project Cargo service is dedicated to the planning, coordination, and management of the marine transport of your cargo throughout the lifecycle of your projects. Utilizing our extensive and diverse fleet of barges, our availability and control of high-level boats, and specialized equipment, our project cargo team offers you both flexibility and rapid response time as a single source provider for resources and management of your project cargo moves. With our barges, our boats, and our logistics experts dedicated to your job, we are able to provide the consistency in care, crew, and control you are looking for to reduce risks associated with damage and delay of your cargo.


    Because every rented barge needs a tow, McDonough Marine Service has invested in inland push boats, high eye level tugs, and strong industry relationships to supply our customers with towing services they can rely on. Our towing services provide the assets, experience, and expertise our customers need to complete their projects successfully while minimizing the distractions that come with crewing and logistics in marine transportation. McDonough’s investment in high eye level tugs gives our customers a competitive advantage and our  "work as directed" solution on-site offers the flexibility they need