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    CMiC ENTERPRISE: The Most Complete & Flexible Construction Platform You’ll Ever Need.

    If you deploy CMiC’s Intelligent Construction Platform to run your entire business, the full array of unified capabilities – sitting on top of a single database – will serve as your company’s foundation for business execution. So whether you need a robust enterprise-wide platform, or a more narrowly focused solution to run your financials or empower your field staff, CMiC has you covered. Learn More

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    Maximize Growth & Profitability with Real-Time Data You Can Trust

    The CMiC Financials & Accounting suite unifies core functions—such as Budgeting, Corporate & Project Forecasting, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable—in one place. In addition, it gives you control over all aspects of Human Capital Management and Asset Management, which improves visibility and accountability across the organization. Through real-time reports, instantly evaluate operational transactions as they occur for maximum control over project completion and profitability. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE Learn More