Amerisure Insurance
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Amerisure Insurance
26777 Halsted Road
Farmington Hills, MI  48331
Phone: 630-281-4040
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As a property and casualty insurance company, Amerisure’s promise to our partner agencies and policyholders begins with a comprehensive line of insurance products designed to protect businesses, as well as the health and safety of every employee. The Company is an A.M. Best “A” (excellent) rated company and services mid-sized commercial enterprises focused in construction, manufacturing and healthcare.


The Amerisure Difference, makes all the difference.


What sets Amerisure apart is our expertise, personalization and dedication to service. Taken together, they make up the Amerisure Advantage that helps healthcare, manufacturing and construction businesses like yours succeed.

Extended Description:

A commitment to service dating to 1912


Commercial insurance is nothing new to us – we’ve been protecting businesses and workforces for over a hundred years. This longevity and time-sharpened expertise gives our policyholders peace of mind of knowing they’re getting the coverage, safety advice and service they need.


Elite agents


Amerisure has trusted partnerships with elite, service-minded agents who know our insurance products inside and out and go above and beyond to make sure you have the coverage that fits your every commercial insurance need.


Customized solutions


We make sure you get an insurance solution designed around your needs. Delivered by knowledgeable, experienced professionals who know your industry inside and out.

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Product/Service Categories

Loss Control (

At Amerisure, we're more than a resource for reducing hazards in the workplace, we're a trusted consultant. The businesses we protect will tell you that the unique consultative partnership they have with us has contributed considerably to their success, and to the safety of their workers.


Our Loss Control Consultants have deep industry knowledge in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction and healthcare. With you, they evaluate and analyze the workplace and provide workable hazard control recommendations that support your operational business goals while simultaneously reducing risk.


In partnership with your agent, our consultants deliver customized loss-control services, ensuring timely communication and single-point-of-contact consistency during the entire process.


Our loss-control services include:

Customized on-site training specific to your business

Hogan Behavioral Safety Assessment

Ergonomic evaluation

Management accountability program development and implementation

Access to online employee safety training

Accident investigation and analysis

Safety culture survey

Safety communication and education materials

Supervisor training (Patient Handling, Combative Patient, OSHA 10-hour Construction, Competent Person and 10-hour General Industry)

Observational Safety Program

We view loss control as an opportunity to make workplaces safer and more productive and to build lasting relationships with the businesses we protect.

Claims Service (

You can tell a lot about an insurance company by the way they handle claims. At Amerisure, it starts with a commitment to be your advocate. When you need it most, your Amerisure claims professional is there, every step of the way, starting from the moment the claim is submitted.



Many insurance companies talk about great service, but we live it. Collaboration, integrity and a passion to serve are woven into the fabric of our culture and 100-year history. We are professional individuals who do the right thing, all the time.


The foundation of our superior claims service is our Advocate ClaimsService® program. Throughout the process of collecting and exchanging key information with your employee, supervisors, medical staff and witnesses, our claims professionals complete the picture and efficiently move everyone toward the best possible resolution. Claims are handled efficiently and with accuracy you can trust.



Amerisure provides policyholders with a level of value-added and proactive service that is second to none. We work with you to identify your business’s needs to deliver meaningful results. You can expect key information when you need it and the way you need it; whether by email, through phone calls or on-site visits. Our claims service is a differentiator in the marketplace.



Premium Audit (

As your business operations change, so may your insurance premium. As an extended member of your Amerisure Service Team, your Premium Audit Consultant will ensure the premium you pay for coverage accurately reflects your business operations.


An audit doesn’t always mean a higher premium, but gives you a clear picture of your exposures while establishing the right level of coverage for your needs.


Our reviews are timely, accurate and fair, helping you plan for and manage your insurance expenses. As policy premiums are based on payroll, sales and other reasonable business costs, anticipating those accurately is key to ensuring your coverage is right for your business.


After the policy period is complete, we conduct an in-depth review of your operations to verify that your final premium reflects any changes in your operations from those initial estimates.

Fraud Prevention (

Our Special Investigation Unit (SIU) assists policyholders in mitigating fraud-related claim costs through a comprehensive fraud-fighting program. Our highly trained and experienced investigators use the latest technology and investigative techniques, along with collaborating with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to detect, deter, investigate and prosecute insurance fraud. Whenever the facts of a claim don’t add up, Amerisure's SIU acts immediately, working closely with our agents, policyholders and claims department.


Whether it is:

An alleged workplace injury that actually occurred at home

A malingering employee

A staged slip and fall

A medical provider who pads a bill

… the SIU is there to investigate and manage your loss cost.

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