• Quicker and Easier Layout with X-PAD Ultimate CAD in the Field

    Advertorial November 16, 2020

    X-PAD Ultimate field software is the solution of choice for anyone looking to increase their
    productivity with software that is easy to use, scalable and provides full control of their data.

    Running on any Android device, X-PAD Ultimate brings the best technology directly to the field and in your hand. The system includes a full 3D viewer and CAD system to view and edit the drawings, integration of your data with all map types, and support of the camera for augmented reality.

    The software provides a direct connection between field and office for smooth and simple file transfers. It also uses data from multiple sensors for greater accuracy and a better experience in the field. If your hands are full, use the voice commands to control your equipment with ease.

    X-PAD Ultimate delivers a perfect integration between TPS and GNSS measuring tools, maximizing flexibility and productivity in the field. Other sensors, such as laser distance meters, echosounders and locators can be fully integrated in your measurement workflows as well.

    X-PAD Ultimate is specifically tailored for users and has the right modules and language for surveyors and construction experts alike. It is available in two key modules: Survey and Build.


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